M S Viswanathan

സംഗീതം നല്കിയ ഗാനങ്ങൾ: 20

He was one of the most famous Keralites in the Tamil film industry. After attaining a strong musical background during childhood, he left his hometown. He had to struggle a lot during his initial days as a musician. He assisted Tamil music directors S.M Subba Naidu and T.R Subaraman in the beginning. He has also worked with N.S Krishna, who provided a lot of humor packed scenes for Tamil film lovers.
The songs in the only Malayalam movie of the Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.G.R ‘Genova’(taken both in Malayalam and Tamil simultaneously) were composed by him along with T.A Kalyanam and Njaanmani. After a long interval, even though he was quite busy in the Tamil Film industry he gave music for the movies ‘Lilly’ and ‘Lankadahanam’. He has given music for around 35 malayalam movies approximately. “Eeswaran orikal”, ‘Suprabhatham’, ‘Naadan Paatinte Madisheela’, ‘Swarganandini’, ‘Veenapoove’ and ‘Kanuneer Thuliye’ are the golden hits that he has provided.