Ariyathe Ravil

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Song Title: Ariyaathe Raavil

Lyrics: Rahul Soman

Music: Nitin Dubey

Singer: Unnikrishnan K.B

Album Cover : Sudeesh C.S

About Nitin:

Nitin Dubey is a writer as well as a composer. All the songs he has composed till date have been written by him, and he believes that what the song is trying to say is as important as how it is said. Nitin has spent the past decade-and-a-half dividing his time between architecture/real estate and music, and quite likes it that way. Lately, he has self-released an album of his songs 'Udta Dhuaan' and continues to compose and write. He has also set up his music production firm 'Soul Anthem Productions' that specializes in producing music for jingles, documentary films, Signature Tunes etc.

About Ariyathe Raavil in Nitin's words

This song is an adaption of one of my original tunes. Rahul has changed the theme of the song and brought in a fresh mood to the composition, and we decided to do this song as an unplugged version. Unni has done complete justice to the composition with his soulful voice and rendition and has proved once again why he is considered such a versatile singer.

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Mounamaay ariyaathe

Mounamaay ariyaathe raavil,

mridulamaay veendum,

mukulamaayenne thazhukkunno vimookham,


ennennumen priyamaamee neram,

innenthe njanekanaay,enullamenthe ardhramaay

Ormayil maayaathe kinaave,

alolamaay melle,

saayujyamaayennil unnarunno mridhu moham

kaanaanaay veendum

ennennumen priyamaamee neram,

innenthe njanekanaay,enullamenthe ardhramaay