Reality music programmes are a boon to singers?

do you think to which extend our reality music shows are helping talents to expose their talents? for me it can do a very minimum amount. pls comment about this topic? bcse shows are o.k but in turn they are giving stress to participants as well as parents. my media friend told me that the rea competition is between the parents of the contestants.i would like to hear more about this.

Tradition of our parents in the very school youth festivals is to fight their mighty war with all weapons available to them. It will not be any different in the reality music shows also, and there is millions of rs to win. Still I feel, that as there is music roots deep in our state, and which helped these shows to become a big hit, and of course it has made a handful of them famous (if not all the participants).


I agree partially with Bindu, the channels go overboard with these young talents. They are made to sing dance and do watnot, but the attention span of telle viewers are very short, Nobody remebers these singers once they are of air. So exposure and all are great but once the programmes are done, these contestants are on their own luck

Menonz, thats not the reality. In the country side, most of the singers who appeared in any shows became famous in their part of the world and got many a stages in the country side. The channel viewers will forget the losers and will remember only the toppers, but what I've seen in the villages is, many initial losers are well recognized just because of this show at least in their local area and gets enough stages which they have not dreamed for otherwise. Many ganamela troops employs at least one or two of such new face singers and publicize using their names. You can see the toppers in the first class troops and losers in the numerous small troops. Even a group of toppers released hands full of albums.

So, I feel it had done something to all the participants. Those who have taken it far serious  must have had some emotional expenses, thats it.

After all, contestants are on their own luck, no shows can give guarantee for their whole life.


reality music programmes of course a boon to new singers, but the fact is that  like devinsiji said the early losers are sometimes getting much better opportunities in villages and they are attaining much calibere in music. let us hope that the faallen flowers again apread the beauty,fragrance,and pathoes of great music. the tooper whether he has the meens to meet his life must share the prizemoney among others who were send out from the show

Reality shows give exposure, fame and money to young talents, hitherto unnoticed. Also, thanks to the judges, people have become more music literate. But in the quest for ratings, some channels are going overboard. Why should a singer be a good dancer? If he or she can dance well or perform well, good for them.But what if a good singer is not a good performer. He or she should not get eliminated just because of that. Besides Sms system is total crap. But what to plays an important role in everything. By the way... cheers to whoever brought this site. Great work guys. Hoping to make some humble contribtution...


Without any doubt i can say reality music programmes gives a lot of opportunities to the new young talents. This gives the platform to develop their inner skills with the help of qualified judging panel. But at the same time both the parents and participants should give utmost importance to their education which is the base of everything.

It certainly is - the reality music programme is a boon to the budding singers.  While it carves out best singers it must be remembered that the winner is not always the best.  SMS cannot be said to be crap or so because the revenue of the channel is dependent upon this.  I am not a spokesman for the channel but it should not be forgotten that they are doing a business and have to earn profit.......